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Milano, ITALIA
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I created 2 wallpapers for Poolga that everybody can use on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. They will add a touch of fun to your modern, stylish, sleek (but cheerless) devices. Grab them here and here!

This year Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic will go big for their 5 Years Anniversary and I decided to hire the biggest sea monster I could get to be their mascot. He is a talented skater, he carved out his skate deck form an old vessel, and a great singer (but don't ask him to sing Bing Crosby's "Gone Fishin'").
Nonetheless, it will be a tremendous event, don't miss it!

There's a cool old man that bikes around Milan, carrying with him all the great things that you can find in this city.
Pigeons flying around the Duomo, the rattling trams, the many fashion streets, the soccer and the aperitvo.
When you visit Milan, be sure to check all these things and the cool old man will be happy!

I was extremely thrilled to work on The Iron Tummy, a fun multiplayer food game app for iPad created by BadBalloon.
The Iron Tummy is a game about eating, an app where your food fantasies come true. I created The Iron Tummy restaurant identity, the UI, badges and the 8 characters (plus 2 secrets guests). Satisfy your hunger with as much food and drinks as you can handle and bounce to the top of the podium. But watch out, eating food has a side effect on your body and you must do your best to make room for more delicatessen :)
Forget your diet and get ready to indulge in a guilty pleasure. And guess what? No weight gain!

I always wondered how Santa Claus managed to sneak into our home and leave his presents without getting noticed. Well, now I know and this gif is the proof that Santa is a master of disguise! :) Happy Xmas my friends!

In the 55DSL universe, the normal rules of sport do not apply. Here comes The Future of Sport!
To celebrate this event, 55DSL have asked five of their favourite artists to design a t-shirt to commemorate the surreal sports that take place in our universe. You can buy them here.

I'm pretty sure that in the future the Olympics will be held each four years in a new spot of our galaxy.
I created 3 vintage-inspired medals, each one coming from a different century and a different planet (or asteroid).
"Scotty, beam us up!"

My rep agency Svperbe involved me in a cool project for the Sole 24 Ore (the leading financial and economical newspaper in Italy) called Encyclopedia where every day a different artist is asked to illustrate the main letter of an article about an economy-related topic.
My letter was the P (Polizza vIta that stands for Life Insurance) and I illustrated a simple and funny life cycle of a man. A guy start paying his life insurance and after 50 years (once he is in his 80's) he gets a lot of money back, but there isn't much time to enjoy them because the next square is the "Grandpa went to heaven" one.

As you can see the printed version is coffin-less because they decided to go with a positive ending :)

A big thanks to Luca Pitoni, who overviewed this amazing project.
You can see the whole Alphabet series on the website of Adriano Attus, the creative director @ Sole 24 Ore.

I'm really excited about my first book "Super Best Friends"
Super Best Friends is about Friendships.
The concept is very simple: 30 unlikely and funny couples and 30 hilarious short stories (written by my friend Davide Ragona). Poop & Paper, Candy & Tooth, Spray Can & Wall, Piggybank & Hammer and many more couples will inspire you to remain childlike and happy.
Please visit the website www.superbestfriendsbook.com and grab a copy, it’s the perfect gift to give and to receive :) And if you don't like books, well, there are also 4 exclusive posters to choose from.
Like the book? Order a copy, it's time to make room for new friends :)

Oh, and this book cares a lot about the environment and it’s printed on Polyedra “Flora Avorio” 130 g/m FSC-Certified Recycled Paper.

Wow, this is the third year in a row that I collaborate with Vans for their Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic 3.
It's one of the few skate events that take place almost over the sea, so this time I decided to play with seagulls and create a bunch of hipster birds.

My good friends at 55DSL asked me to join
their Italian Friends & Family Round II t-shirt project.
The brief was very simple, "Express your vision about your country".
I think that Italy is one of the most stereotyped country in the whole world,
so I decided to create a pattern made of neon-sign-like stereotypes that
you can find in movies, TV shows and books.

More info here

T-POST issue 70
News + graphic t-shirt = T-post, the world’s first wearable magazine. News story printed on the inside.
Graphic interpretation printed on the front.
My friend Giuliano asked me to contribute for their issue 70 based on an article about a planet called HD 85512 b,
one out of 16 potentially rocky new worlds called Super-Earths.
My interpretation is: "Throughout much of film history, aliens have been prominent, with representations ranging from ultra-evil to cuddly. My personal vision is that they are beings like us, but in different bodies/shapes/materials. Some of them are perfect gentle(men) aliens, other are greedy or panicking or jealous or super funny. Aliens are just like us, they want to make contact and hang out." Check my t-shirt here.

STEVE JOBS tribute
My personal tribute to one of the most creative minds of our time.

I am obsessed with pugs (in case you didn't noticed it).
So I decided to give a tribute to my 2 beloved pugs Ozzy & Nena.
If you want to know these 2 little balls of fur please visit my tumblr Mostly Pugs.
It's really tough to be sad with a Pug in your life... Pugs are just the funniest dogs...
(and while I was drawing them I decided to include also Cyrus, my huge bullmastiff :)

IL TIRANNOSAURO - Useless Wooden Toys
I'm a big fan of the T-Rex and when I finally had a chance to work on a cover for the release of the latest
Useless Wooden Toys single "Il Tirannosauro" I was just in awe...
When Electro meet Prehistory meet Vintage Arcade meet Fun!
Do you want to know the REAL reason all the dinosaurs died out? Because they partied too hard!

This was a very Funny project :) Special, one of the coolest shop in Milan for sport and streetwear, asked me to create something funny and unique for their second anniversary.
I come up with the idea of creating a board game based on the number 2 that people could really play with and enjoy.
It is basically a journey to get to the shop (filled with odd obstacles, power ups and shortcuts).
I created the rules, the content of every square, the die and the counters and merged everything into a pdf that people can easily download and print.

What are you waiting? Download the Special Game, print it and play with your friends!


Here we are for the second year of the coolest skate event in Italy, The Vans Off The Wall Spring Classic,
a 3 days long skate event by the sea in Varazze.
This time I played around the word "Classic" and I created a victorian-like skate flyer showing a mid 1800s
neat skater between a couple of steampunk miniramps.
I named this gentleman Thommy Alva Edison, the inventor of the first skateboard and the coolest pipe smoker
of the whole British Empire.

The whole world has been shocked by the Japan earthquake and tsunami with all their consequences. I decided to make something to spread the help message and I created this poster to sensibilize all my social networks contacts about this tragedy.
Please donate something here. Every coin counts!

I was/am very excited about this project! Saatchi&Saatchi LA asked 7 different illustrators/animators to create an animated short film for Toyota. Each artist would design the piece in his own style, so they all will be very different from each other.
I worked on the story of a woman named Jen Mulder, a girl who always collected rubber ducks and, at some point, decided to glue them to her 1989 Camry.
I did all the direction and drawings while the animation has been done by the uber talented guys at Mutado.

The 28th January 2011 was a special day. For the first time Pìcame, one of the most famous italian blog/online magazines, went beyond the net to land into the real world. During the party in Milan, many readers and friends had the chance to touch the pages of the magazine by hand and meet me along with many other talented friends.
I made the cover for the issue 14 of the magazine, I wanted to represent the status of the italian digital art movement as a smuggler forced to show his art in some dark corner of the city because he is not welcome in art galleries and magazines.
This concept has been adopted as the magazine-project motto: "Visual Arts Smugglers".

You can download the issue here.

Space Cinema is one of the biggest movie theatre chain in Italy and Young and Rubicam Rome asked me
to help them with their Christmas Campaign.
In a record time of 2 weeks we delivered 15 seconds of full HD 3D fun to promote the Space Cinema Christmas card.
I designed a goofy Santa Claus that tries hard to carry around a huge sack full of movie theatre chairs.
The 3D/2D animation was done by Giuseppe Chisari and the Mutado team.

Go Font Ur Self! Chapter 5 has just dropped online and I’m super happy to be part of it! It’s an inspiring project that embraces letterforms as the inspiration for these works of art from international artists, designers and typographers.
The GoFontUrSelf Exhibition opened 3 days ago in Brisbane. This is my font-inspired contribution called “The Ampersnake”
inspired by vintage postcards. The old indian snake enchanter and his loyal cobra friend will amaze you…
the & pose was awesome at the time!

The request from Giulio at RMG Connect was to create a set of 42 illustration for a web campaign/competition they were creating for Maxibon called BiteMore.
The rules are simple; if you are in 1 or more of the 42 cities on the website's map you can join a mission (e.g. New York - Peel the Big Apple), take a picture and upload it.
Then you can ask your friend to vote for your picture and hope you can be one of the 50 lucky winners.
Every illustration I created is related to a mission and a city (e.g. Sicily - Squeeze you like a lemon or Helsinki - Find a fake blonde girl) and I did my best to give a funny/weird/absurd suggestion for everyone that will join the competition.

I had the honor to get an invite to join the Untho Art Lab and create a unique design around the infamous Untho logo. Being between the likes of Shepard Fairey, Kayone and Florencio Zavala (just to name few) put a little bit of pressure on my shoulders but after a couple of breathes, I gave life to the "Untho Crew", a badass gang formed by 3 guys named: Art aka Masta, Music aka Rappa and Sport aka Machete. They travel around the world to spread the Untho's philosophy around and eventually break into your car and spray-paint your wall!

The Carrot Slayer is Very Bravo's tribute to vegetarian movement: a funny executioner that, being against the murdering of people and animals, decided to put himself to the test in the art of cookery, cutting and chopping vegetables with his axe.
On his belly, a cheap tattoo with the writing "Veg Life" and, chaperoning and smiling at him, a little freshly chopped carrot, bursting with irony and good humor.
The Carrot Slayer, the very first vegetarian toy, will be launched in two limited editions of 250 pcs each:
Gruesome, that wears leather and brings to mind a fetish atmosphere, and Hippie, dressed in exuberant colours and ready to get high, as a nostalgic flower child.

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A couple of years ago I started to work on a toys/clothing line called Very Bravo, a brand full of optimism and fun.
Very Bravo's first toy is the brand's mascot, a funny Death making the OK gesture and a mocking sneer. The Ghetto Reaper flirts with the hip-hop culture in an ironic and funny manner, starting from its name, the golden tooth and the large bling jewelry with the RIP symbol around his neck.
The Ghetto Reaper will be launched in April in two limited editions of 250 pcs each: Gold & Cold, dressed in black with a golden necklace and Silver Shiver, purple with the silver bling.
This is just the beginning of many more surprises to come! Contact for further details.

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Vans Italy asked me to create a cool identity + poster/flyer for their Off The Wall Spring Classic, a miniramp skate contest held in Varazze, a beautiful location close to the sea. My idea was to create a sea-world-fun-park atmosphere and many funny characters showing their skills on a giant ramps structure. There's a rad shark, an amused boombox and also a chilled peg leg pirate to have fun with :)


Jack Jaselli
is a bad ass singer and with his band, The Great Vibes Foundation, he spread some love and energy through his great vibes. When they started to work on the launch of their first full length record, they asked me to create their new identity and the CD graphic design.
My idea for the logo was to blend the double J of Jack Jaselli and the evergreen music symbol, a note:

The title of the album is "It's gonna be Rude, Funky, Hard", so I started from there to create 3 anthropomorphic hands based on the 3 words "Rude-Funky-Hard", those are very iconic gestures with a humorous twist:

I also created a small collection of 4 t-shirts to support the launch of the record:

On December 10, the first italian Vans Store opened its door (wow!) and to celebrate this great event the amazing Vans crew organized a wonderful in-store exhibition together with Epiphone e Clash Paint.
9 italian artists had the chance to unleash their creativity and customize 9 models of Epiphone guitars.
I got in the mail an amazing 1958 Korina Explorer and decided to use the shape of the guitar to create something very far from its original conception :) Check some pictures from the opening here.

Christmas Time is here again and it's time to share my 2009 greeting card. This year I focused on the words Happy, Holidays and on a a decorated evergreen coniferous tree (a.k.a. the Christmas tree :)
Depending on the greeting card's side you look at, you'll get 2 different interpretations of Christmas!

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Nike and Foot Locker introduce a new Nike Air Max 90 colourway. The new colourway is a re-invention of the iconic original that became a major success story and changed the world of sneakers forever.
Nike and Foot Locker paired four footballers, with four artists in four different cities across Europe. The artists took the athlete’s off-pitch personality, style and enthusiasm and turned it into a unique ‘Nike Air Max 90’ portrait.
For Italian campaign F.C. Internazionale defender Davide Santon collaborated with me to share his passion for tattoos, heroes, his city – and of course, Nike Air Max 90.

A few months ago I started to work on the identity of a well known DJ duo here in Italy. They are called Useless Wooden Toys and their music is a mix of big beat, hip hop and funk with a happy and vintage touch.
I worked on the official logo and on their acronym "UWT" to create a simple template that can be easily customized for every use (video loops, record covers, tshirts, stickers, flyers etc...).
Check their MySpace page to see more customization craziness.

Now we have launched their new EP "Fucking Business" and soon there will be a contest "download the template > create your own UWT tag" open to everyone who likes the project.
See this quick logo customizations gallery to see what I mean.

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At the end of the summer I had the pleasure to be one of the contributors to Anorak's latest issue. It's been so much fun to illustrate 4 pages based on a 9 years old kid's story about a naughty girl and her odd space travels.

For the new Spring Summer season Combo asked me to create a 5 pieces collection for their male tshirts line.
It's been a pleasure to introduce to them such characters like the Dog on Viagra©, the Stoned Indian Chief©
and the Old Angels on Wheels©.

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Lately, I've been really into creating funny tiny illustrations about our society clichés.
I collected many of them into this Small Guide to be a Winner. How many boxes will you tick?

I love 70s music. I am stuck in it. The rock music of the time was some of the best and I wanted to homage it with a postcard. Every letter of my possession represents an icon of the glory days of rock: hotpants, good times van, free love, hippies, peace, rock tours, vinyl records...

You've probably heard about the recent terrible earthquake that struck the Abruzzo region on 6 April 2009, Italy. Well, the ANCI (the Italian National Footwear Manufacturers Association) organized the ANCI Creative Award – Emerging Art Edition and invited 30 artists to create 30 artworks that highlight and consolidate the worldwide image of the uniqueness of Italian-made footwear through a creative interpretation of the values embodied by shoes produced in Italy.
I tried to represent the evolution of the shoe from the past to the present and the future, showing the shoe as a symbol of movement, fashion and innovation.
All 30 works will be auctioned off. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Italian Red Cross's Abruzzo Emergency fund to help the families affected by the earthquake.

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MayDay distribution realized in collaboration with Bastard their first artist serie based on the "Tetris Effect". They asked seven different artists, belonging to different experiences, to create an illustration for a board and a tee-shirt.
My submission is autobiographical. There was a time when me and my Atari Linx were best friends forever, so happy together that after 12 hours of continuous playing the boundaries between real and virtual were really blurred. I think I can define this experience as my first psychedelic trip.

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In 2008 we (at Mutado) have worked on the launch of the first mobile project branded by MTV.
I created the skin for their first phone and several promotional materials like flyers, pins, stickers, tshirts and adv pages. Even though this year we completed a new Mtv Mobile project rebrand, I will always remember my 99 Luftballons!

I was playing around with my big brother once when I was 8 and the movie IT came on. Ever since then, i have been scared to death of clowns... I have never come up with a logical explanation but this is what my mind tells me when I see a clown smiling at me.

55DSL 10.55
Each season, Italian streetwear brand 55DSL releases a limited collection of T-shirts called the 10.55 series
that are designed by artists from around the world.
For Fall-Winter 2009-2010, I created this "I Wish I Was a Dj" graphic inspired by the growing media hype around DJs over the past few years. So much hype that even a God's wish is to be a Dj.

I always loved rainbows and moustaches and I created this little illustration to thank some of the famous people wearing a stache. The shades of the rainbow are matched with a famous guy: the viking Eric the Red, a mix of sir Conan Doyle and the detective Sherlock Holmes, Merlin the Magician and the mighty Hulk Hogan.

From a couple of years I am creating some snowboard graphics for the italian label Black Hole.
This year I wanted to explain my vision of a black hole... it's like opening a door on a whole new world and realize that the magical childhood universe we dreamed about when we were kids really exists.

My friend Gigi after 18 years of engagement decided to go further and to get married to his girlfriend Francesca and he asked me to create a wedding invitation. My idea was to blend something "classic" (the wedding ring and stuff) with a funny representation of their infinite engagement. I am still waiting to know their parents' reaction :)

I've been approached by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis aka JibJab, the funniest online place that delivers smiles and happiness to contribute to their brand new Sendables project and realize 3 animated postcards (I took really seriously their no-censorship rule :)
I did all the direction and drawings while the animation has been done by the uber talented guys at Mutado.

2 Custom Toys created for the Hello my name is Señor Blanco Custom Toy Show in Bassano del Grappa.
My two creatures are a furry Teenage Werewolf (sponsored by 55DSL) and a blind Stupid Cupid.
Take a look at how the boys looked like before my surgery.

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam created a campaign entitled "Here I am" to celebrate Nike's female athletes, following the personal journeys of sporting women through a book, exhibition, plus print and film ads.
They asked me to be one of the illustrators involved in the limited-edition Nike Women "Here I Am" book featuring 22 young international female athletes.
Each chapter has a "visual interpretation" of each athlete's journey to sports success. My assignement was to create a 4 spreads long journey (from childhood to nowadays) of the life of Lianne Sanderson, one of the best young players in the UK Ladies' soccer league.

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The Nike Produit en Italie Campaign has been conceived and realized by the great folks at Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam after the Italy's World Cup victory. The campaign concept was to recreate the spirit of the 50's advertising age and use the Italy team players as testimonials for a product related to their team's success (Coppa in italian means ice cream cup but also world cup and Pere means pears but also a goal).
I was asked to create a couple of posters, one for Fabio Cannavaro and the other for Vincenzo Iaquinta.


I am an italian illustrator and designer. I love to draw and I believe that a smile is the cheapest way to be happy, that's why I am always trying to capture the more comical side of life and make it a simple but funny and rememberable work.

I take my inspiration from my quiet life, the sweet Giusy, our pugs Ozzy and Nena and Cyrus the Bullmastiff, the Kiss music, vintage Playboy magazines, Seymour Chwast, Raymond Savignac, Ryohei Yanagihara, Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti and every funny thing I come across.

In 2004 I founded Mutado, a creative studio, in Milan.

Clients that took the risk of working with me:

Disney, Mtv, Nike, AKQA, Nickelodeon, Vans, Wieden+Kennedy, Comedy Central, Paramount Comedy, JibJab, 55DSL, Diesel, Combo, BlackHole, Computer Arts, Very Bravo, AtomPlastic

Maybe you saw me talking at:

A couple of BD4D events in London, a BD4D in Tel Aviv, 2 MadInSpain conferences, a Flash in the Can in Toronto, Pups in Town event in Omegna, Creative Social in Florence, The Art Directors Club - 86th Awards in New York, Cut&Paste Event in Milan

Some of my stuff got printed in:

Computer Arts/Digital Arts issues
Two Faced Book - Curated by WIWP, Published by IdN
Los & Dos Logos - Published by Gestalten
Around Europe Titles - Published by Index Book
Here I Am - a Nike Book to celebrate women in sport
Creative Grab Bag - Published by How Books